Neelde Felted Dogs and Friends
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A Wonderful little Papillon named Maya. She measures apprrox 9" high X 9 1/2" long.
Cody the Golden Retriever
An Angel always watching over us
In 2008/2009 I looked into needle felting and just had to try it. The soft sculptures I had seen just amazed me. So with a little research on the internet I thought I would give it a try. I jumped right in and taught myself how to felt the soft sculpted dogs. Let me say I have just fallen head over heels in love with this. So I have added this page to show off my needle felted dogs and friends that I will have avalible. Note:(all dogs below have been adopted)

I will be working on a few new ones and will offer them through Bearpile or Etsy. As you all know it takes many, many hours to complete due to the needle felting process.

Now let me tell you a bit about needle or also know as (dry) felting. It is a process orginally developed for making industrial felt. The felt needle has rough, notched edges that force the fiber down causing it to entangle with other fibers and create felt.
Felt artists today have recently adapted the felt needle as a tool for creating dry felt. By using the needle individually, or in small clusters, felt artists can create very controlled designs in three-dimensional shapes large or small. To create fiber sculptures using the needle felting technique, you can start with a piece of carded wool, such as might be used for spinning and a work surface such as a foam block for working on and one or more needles. You take the wool and move the felting needle in and out of the fiber with fairly deep jabs in a straight motion to make sure you are intangleing the inner fibers. Both the angle and the depth of the jab are important for shaping. Keep repeating the process for each piece or pieces. There is more to the process of needle felting, but this gives you an idea of some of the process.

Most importantly, watch those fingers: felting needles are very sharp.
This little blue dog was my first needle felting project
Freckles 2014
Bear in tree needle felted picture
Horse needle felted picture
Goldfish needle felted picture