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About the Artist
Welcome to "Gone to the Dogs USA"

Let me start by telling you a little about myself . My name is Sheryl Morrow. I live in the wonderful state of Missouri with my loving fur Baby girl Diamod and her Brother Jasper the Cat. I do have a day job at a Mailing Service company but my Dream is to have my Gone to the Dogs USA to grow into a full time Business.
I have a wonderful loving family, my Dad, brother and sister-in-law and my very beautiful nieces and very handsome nephews as well as the cutest Great Nephew ever

My Business, of course is working with polymer clay. I also like to scrapbook, spend time working in the yard, sitting on my deck relaxing and watching Diamond play, I also like to just sit and read a good book. I also enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews and my Great Nephew.
I started working with polymer clay over 22 years ago when my sister in law signed us up for a class. I WAS HOOKED from then on. My business started when my family and friends encouraged me to sell on eBay. I designed and sculpted a Black Bear series that went quite well.
I then decided to sculpt one of my greatest loves-- Dogs. I began with my own black lab Shadow. From there I then sculpted a few other breeds of dogs and listed them on eBay. They were a hit.I have now designed and sculpted over 30 different dog breeds that have been on eBay and have done custom orders as well. I continue to design and sculpt new dog breeds and other furry critters in my home studio.

I also donate my sculptures to local and out of state Animal Rescue societies. If you would like to make a request, please feel free to contact me. I try to honor all request if my schedule permits.
In 2007 I was crusing the internet like I always do and started seeing wonderful needle sculped art. Well it was very interesting to me so I did some more research bought some books and started on a new adventure. I taught myself the art and off I went. I love to needle felt it is just wonderful. It takes many hours to creatate each soft sculpture. I have done quit a few dogs that have sold. There will be more to come for sure.

Recently this past year I again searching the internet ran across Artist Bears. Now this was interesting since I do collect a lot of bear items. Many years ago I made bears from purchased patterns that I gave away to family and friends as gifts and even sold a few. Making bears where familar to me so I did some research and bought some books and found out what Artist Bears were. I was amazed how far Bears have come over the years. I thought I can do this, I started designing my own patterns in March 2008 and bought some high quality faux fur and Mohair and just went crazy. I am still quite new at desinging and creating these little ones, but I am sure that I will continue to design and make lots more. There is a wealth of information still to learn and my head is just swimming with new ideas.
July 1993
May 2013
photo by Kevin Devine Photography
Sheryl Morrow
My Home
my nieces & nephews
You are my Best Friend, my Love, my Joy, my Strength and my Protector.

I Love you with all my heart!!

Good night and Sweet Dreams Bugsy~~
Sept/Oct 1998
May 26, 2012
In Loving Memory of my Special Girl Kayla
In Loving Memory of my Lucky Sue
You were my little princess at 5 weeks old who grew into the queen of our home.

I love and miss you!!!

Good night and Sweet Dreams my bright eyed gril!
I want to take a second to thank my family and
friends for their love, encouragement, support and ideas. Without them I would not have had the opportunity to pursue the crafts that I love and enjoy.

I want to also thank my wonderful furry
kids for they are the true inspiration.
In Loving Memory of Buttons
"My love for our furry friends will always be in my heart and shown sculpted from my own hands" - Sheryl Morrow
In Loving Memory
I want to thank all of my customers for there support through the years. I have met so many wonderful people through eBay and the internet.
You are all wonderful!!!!
August 2005
March 2017
Kayla Jo
In Loving Memory of my
big Beautiful Boy Shadow
In Loving Memory of my Mom
My Mom my Best Friend and biggest Support I Love You
My Wonderful Mom, Dad and Brother
August 1936 - September 2015
Mom I love you and Miss you
My Great Nephew
My Mom was amazing. There are so many things I can say about my Mom one is She loved her family. She also loved to go to garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores. She could find anything you could imagine at great prices. She was the queen of sales for sure.
She was always smiling and happy!

We all miss her so much. There is not a day that goes by that I want to call her and tell how my day went and to see how hers went.

My Mom is an amazing Women!!!!
She is watching over us all from Heaven!
Kayla was my special girl not only to me but to so many people. She had such a big heart and personality for a little hound dog!
You will always be my Sunshine!!!!!
I love you and miss you pretty girl.
Sweet Dreams until we meet again!